Into the aether she goes…

by cheri block

Last night, I sat in my mother’s apartment, visiting with her.

On her small kitchen counter, her medication binder glared at me.

Her television blinked with closed captions about Libya.

Downstairs, on my way out, I smiled at the night desk clerk. She nodded.

My car greeted me with enthusiasm. So did my travel coffee cup.

On my way home, I wondered if I was sick of bad news because I am in the last quarter of my life or because well, the news was just bad.

Although my life tendency is to stay engaged in everything and everyone in my life, part of me would like to retreat to a place where “trouble melts like lemon drops.”

To that endeavor, I have just started a second blog.

Only happy thoughts will be on that blog. If only happy thoughts nauseate you, do not subscribe.

You’ll feel as if you just left the movie Gnomio and Juliet, which I highly recommend. My grandson and I loved every second. That movie and Man of Roma have inspired me to start a new blog.

So, off we go.

About Cheri

Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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14 Responses to Into the aether she goes…

  1. Cyberquill says:

    How do you know you’re in the last quarter of your life? You may be in the last tenth, or you may just have entered the second half.

    I grant the calculation is a problem. For instance, I have no idea when I’m supposed to kick off my midlife crisis. I may have just arrived at the middle of my life, it may still lie well ahead of me, or I may have passed it a long time ago. This makes planning these events rather difficult.

    No idea why you started a second blog instead of simply alternating between regular and “happy” posts on this one. If you only look at one single blog page at a time, what’s the difference whether it is located on the same or on a different blog? And how will you be managing comments over there? Activate comment moderation and only allow those that pass the happiness inspection?

    Besides, a “happy” blog is a paradox in itself. Everytime you go to your “happy” blog you’ll be sending a message to your subconscious that you’re depressed, for if you weren’t depressed, there would be no need to maintain a “happy” blog. It’s called “paradoxical intent.” (I think it was Frankl who defined the concept.)

    • Cheri says:

      Faeries are sprites and sprites can be censors, so yes, if an unhappy mean comment were to show up over on Chaerie’s blog, she would zap it right off the page.
      Philippe’s comment expresses how I feel sometimes.
      Don’t you ever feel that way? Or do you relish getting onto a subway train, packed with people?

      • Cyberquill says:

        Can’t tell if I ever feel that way, because I don’t see Philippe’s comment. Some sprite must have zapped it. Do I relish getting into a crowded subway car? Usually not, unless it is packed with hot steam.

  2. Our Montreal Gazette, once a week, has a column called the Pink Corner and devoted to good news or uplifting stories. Why could Cheri not have one? Pray tell.

  3. Don says:

    Cyberquill’s concerns resonate.

    In my little universe, the Hyperboreans stand knee-deep in ice and snow, swinging great axes in battle with Conan. I’ll try not to intersect your Hyperborean universe with mine.

  4. Kayti Rasmussen says:

    Sometimes it takes real effort to maintain your enthusiasm, but it is crucial, so keep that travel coffee cup filled with a strong, hot brew!!

  5. dafna says:

    i like your idea – a suspension os disbelief blog.

    however, there isn’t a single story that comes to mind, that doesn’t have some bitter with the sweet.

  6. Jeanie says:

    I so enjoyed watching Gnomio and Juliet with my grandchildren too! I especially fell for ‘Shroom’. Bless his little cotton socks!
    By the way..I will join you ‘over the rainbow’. I like happy talk.

    • Cheri says:

      Great to hear from you Jeanie, across the seas.
      I told my little grandson, the next time I go to a nursery, I am going to buy one of those little gnomes for him.

  7. Man of Roma says:

    Chaeri, I am surprised (and honoured) that I have inspired you since the contrary usually happened. And of course, in the last quarter of our life, I have no particular objection to try to be happy both in a magic land – beyond the north wind where never the muse is absent and lyres clash and flutes cry – and in real life.

    That our mind and imagination may help our small, fragile vessels to fly high in the land of poetry, music and wisdom most of all.

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