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Losing a parent

by cheri block In my earlier years of blogging, once I had a readership, I spent some time considering my audience. Would they be interested in a particular piece? Would it turn them off? Would they <worse> unsubscribe? Would I … Continue reading

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Good-bye Joe

by cheri block I have just learned that my mentor, Joe, died suddenly last night. As Joe would have it, I am supposed to teach in 30 minutes, so I cannot cry my eyes out (yet). Our lunch meeting to … Continue reading

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Suor Maria Celeste

by cheri block If I’ve learned one thing this quarter while studying the trial of Galileo from every angle, it’s that my literary heart must be accompanied by facts if I am going to receive a favorable nod on any … Continue reading

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The best chicken noodle soup recipe south of Hyperborea

by cheri block This winter I have made so much chicken noodle soup that local chicken farmers have been asking for my endorsement. Driving down to the Central Coast of California, I speed through the rich farmlands of Steinbeck country. … Continue reading

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Into the aether she goes…

by cheri block Last night, I sat in my mother’s apartment, visiting with her. On her small kitchen counter, her medication binder glared at me. Her television blinked with closed captions about Libya. Downstairs, on my way out, I smiled … Continue reading