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Galileo and Jesuit Jealousy

by cheri block If I had been a guest at the Florentine Court presided over by her Most Serene Highness the Grand Duchess Christina de’ Medici, I surely would have been treated to one of Galileo’s post-dinner debates, billed as … Continue reading

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A writing exercise: point of view

by cheri block One of my favorite writing assignments is to ask my students to write from the point of view of an animal. This exercise takes the writer away from self (to a degree) and into another sentient being. … Continue reading

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Galilean Clue

by cheri block This quarter, we have been studying the trial of Galileo and the factors that led up to it. What has been most surprising to me is how complicated the circumstances were. In other words, this affair was … Continue reading

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De Revolutionibus

by cheri block De Revolutionibus (day revolutee-OWN-ee-bus) is a thick book bound in black leather. Its first edition was printed in Nuremberg, Germany and the second in Basel, Switzerland. Scholars believe that the original run was 500 copies. Two editions … Continue reading

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A Zen December

by cheri block I had a zen December this past year. It came about because of a stinging comment my professor made to me while we were in conference. She told me that there was “too much me” in everything … Continue reading

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Clarence’s advice

by cheri block A splendid view if you are in the now. Good for you. You are in the now. Now is all we have. Smell the air, breathe in, breathe out. Feel the tropical air blow through your shirt … Continue reading

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