Alonzo’s Morning Shower (6)

by cheri block

Alonzo stepped into his shower, turning the water temperature to 45 degrees Fahrenheit and letting the waterfall cool his overheated scales.

“Come on Baby, light my fire,” he sang, thumping and splashing to the beat of his favorite song, “Try to set the night on fi-re” he crooned to his oversized shampoo bottle. He just loved his shower, a morning ritual during which he not only cleansed his prodigious square footage of skin, but also rededicated himself to the service of others. The glorious flow of water, the aromatic lavender body wash, and the loofah—a triumvirate of sensation fit for a King!

Thinking about the word King broke the spell.

My God, the King.  I forgot to call him with my Daily Report, Alonzo thought.

His yellow walkie-talkie lay on the bathroom counter, covered with steam beads and at this very moment he had been thinking about King Beowulf, King Beowulf had been thinking about the Daily Report.

The King will just have to wait. Some things in life are more important than a schedule, Alonzo affirmed to himself. Before he could grab his super-sized towel (the one with the stripes), his little British know-it-all friend, Edmund, flew in through the open door.

“Some things in life are more important than a shedule,” Edmund echoed,” but today the Queen’s moving van arrives in a scant hour.  You yourself said that the residents here in the mound do much better when a routine is established. My liege, you must speed it up, so to speak.” And then, Edmund sneezed in the way that dragonflies do, emitting a high-frequency pin-prick of a tweet that enters into an eardrum not without creating irritably in the listener.

He sneezed again. “I must be allergic to something in this bathroom.” Within seconds,  his sensing antennae detected high-level lavender in the space.

“Oh, my goodness, Alonzo, my liege. Your blue skin does not need a lavender smell or colour to make you more appealing. You are a splendid dragon just the way you are.”  And then he flew off to the mound’s dining room.

So much stimulation too early in the morning, Alonzo thought, facing himself in the mirror.

What did he see?

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Writer, photograph, artist, mother, grandmother and wife.
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10 Responses to Alonzo’s Morning Shower (6)

  1. “Psst, Alonzo, Sage Dragon here. I echo Edmund’s economy of time.”

    “What the slam! Guards, guards, grab me my towel!”

    “Oh, don’t be so modest, old chap; we grew up together long ago and far away.”

    “Indeed,” Alonzo sighs loudly, his tail swishing from side to side remembering them both as young hot-headed and fun-loving dragons. Oh their adventures of stomping up mountainsides and setting entire cliffs on fire followed by a quick skinny dip and a meal of roasted savory wild boar dipped in late afternoon clover honey.

    Looking professorial like at Sage Dragon, Alonzo tilts his head and questions, “Have you returned to bust my chops about my proclivities?”

    Sage Dragon’s smile widens with his perfect toothy grin. “Yes, really my friend, but also to say so sorry I’ve been out of touch. My flight escorting Cheri and the Queen to the Continent took a year longer than expected. Plus we tacked on a quick fly over to Scotland to purchase a new hat. You might not know that Cheri fancies herself a millinery aficionado and was in need of a plaid beret! But, to answer you question more directly, I’ve come as friend to assist you with that old sourpuss of a King.”

    “Well, he doesn’t mean to come across so bleak. I think it’s his lack of a lady in his chamber. I’ve tried bestowing little things to make him happier. He smiled once and even whistled a note or two before the old Queen was taken back. Oh, such a beauty she was by day and by night. Well, some report an enchantress with her cascading auburn hair and those large expressive eyes full of secrets and folly.”

    “Hmmm, this is all fine and good for a goblet talk tonight. But Alonzo let me help you now figure out your immediate plight. It seems if I understand your task it is to satisfy the Queen’s present life, make it ever so lovely, and fair, and most definitely all right.”

  2. Cheri says:

    Ohhhhhh….we should collaborate…..

    Sage Dragon and Alonzo!
    Oh, the Places We’d Go ( Dr. Seuss has already grabbed that title).

    Maybe some day, who knows?

    Thank you, my friend, for entertaining me tonight.

  3. wkkortas says:

    I had always wondered (well, perhaps not always) what dragons sing in the shower. Does our Alonzo prefer the Doors version or the Jose Feliciano version?

  4. Cheri says:

    I thought about that very question in selecting his shower song. My first reaction (because of his sensitivity in the morning) is the latter.


  5. Richard says:

    I keep reading and reading this, finding more and more to relish. It gets better on every read.

  6. Cheri says:

    I sure had fun writing it, especially adding some British twang.

  7. Brighid says:

    a cowgirl that just finished Stieg Larsson’s series, and is now in the middle of A Confederacy of Dunces, with bedtime Gilgamesh needs a purple dragon that can light up her life.

    • Cheri says:

      Oh!!! I love the Epic of Gilgamesh and blogged about it last August/September. Are you reading this for a class? (teacher in me leaping out…)

  8. Cheri,

    I had a temporary technical difficulty so I had to cut and paste you on my blog. I wanted to find a perfect pair of glasses for you to wear or at least find one glass to put into your hand so that we might toast Queen Joan!

    I think my problem is fixed but your situation is a heartache that requires more than a cut and paste. However, with a mother as yours, well, we’ll take our direction from her example for sure.

  9. Cheri says:


    I traveled (by dragon) to your blog but could not locate the picture. Could you provide a link?

    We are managing. Today, Queen Joan got on the stationary bike and worked out a bit and then, she was able to play bridge!

    Today was a good day. (must have been the vibes…)

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