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Buried, but speaking from the grave in Spoon River

by cheri block My favorite character in Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology (1915) is Washington McNeeley. He, like The Circuit Judge, Barry Holden, Russian Sonia, and Yee Bow, long gone from this earth, speaks from the grave to us, … Continue reading

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The skies in Santa Fe

by cheri block Santa Fe, New Mexico Toasty hot (like a blue corn enchilada) Some of you have never been to New Mexico, so I thought I would include a little photo gallery of the expansive skies here, which never … Continue reading

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The Palace of the Governors

by cheri block Santa Fe Plaza Cooled by the rain The Palace of the Governors Here tourists are buying Indian jewelry directly from the artists instead of in a store. Several years ago, while here in Santa Fe, I added … Continue reading

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Protecting their Jung

by cheri block Santa Fe, New Mexico Boiling at 98 degrees (even the cacti are complaining) Thank you students. Your interpretations were, to varying degrees, indications of your psyches. Paul: You could have been a member of our seminar today. … Continue reading

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The day is still Jung

by cheri block Santa Fe, New Mexico Hot (low 90’s) Thunderbumpers and rain in the late afternoon. Today, we will be discussing two chapters from Carl Jung’s Modern Man in Search of a Soul, Chapters 9 (Analytical Psychology)and 10 (The … Continue reading

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Letting go

by cheri block In the sweltering garage, two piles of stuff wait for guidance. In the air-conditioned tired patio home, a little old woman waits for the same. A grandson and son walk back and forth, carrying boxes, trinkets, vases, … Continue reading

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An Ocelot named Derringer

by cheri block My hair stylist Lucy entertained me last week with a tall tale of custodial torment. In between precise snips with her scissors, she lamented her offer to take care of her cousin’s  small dog for 10 days. … Continue reading

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Bluey, Bluey (48 years later)

by cheri block You will forgive me today, won’t you? Instead of telling stories about literature, education, human foibles and courage, I am throwing confetti (from my shredder) above my head and letting it sprinkle to the floor in a … Continue reading

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