Demeter and Hermes visit Northern California (1)

Hello Cheri! Hermes and I are here from Greece bringing my offical flower to your field

by Demeter

Mt. Olympus is restless.

The Gods sit and squabble. For example, yesterday my sisters Hestia and Hera got into a raging fight over matches and who would light the kitchen fire.  I interfered.

Is this petulance about cooking or power? I asked from across the silken field.

Mind your own business!! shrieked my jealous sister Hera.

A will to power, grumbled Hestia, searching her hearth for small sticks of fire. How can soup be made without fire?

Hera pushed on. A cold soup, make a pomegranate gazpacho.

Hera is a disagreeable sort, but you don’t want to land on her bad side.

With all of that angst in the kitchen and tension down among the mortals in Athens, I—Demeter—will leave with my friend Hermes to visit Cheri, one of my admirers.

Oh yes, those of you who enjoy reading Greek myths to your children and grandchildren might admire me too.  You know me as a loyal mother to my daughter Persephone who was taken to the Underworld by my brother, Hades. Because of that stressful episode in my life and its outcome, I am also associated with the life cycle. And marriage. And other things I will discuss later on this week, like law and order.

Anyway, I am with Cheri now, as she packs for her trip to a restless place.

She doesn’t know I am in the room with her.

Wait until she finds out that I have taken over her blog for a week or so. But then again, Cheri is intuitive. Like sisters, we may fight for space here.

For now, I have control.

Shhh…Cheri needs to lighten her suitcase. Take out that small pair of shoes. You only need three pairs, I promise.

Oh Hermes, you disagree? You like her  little winged boots?

About Cheri

Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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21 Responses to Demeter and Hermes visit Northern California (1)

  1. Man of Roma says:

    Wow, has Demeter has taken over your blog for a week or so? Gosh, it promises fun, but mind she is so weird she can take us in any direction …

    • Cheri says:

      And why do you think, oh Wise Man of Roma, (you of all scholars know me as Ceres) I of all the Goddesses have come to be with Cheri?

      Perhaps you thought Artemis, wild woman, would accompany her to Athens, no?

      • Man of Roma says:

        Artemis may accompany her too, but, o Ceres, if you really possess Cheri’s soul for a while, it could be …. I mean, are you going to involve her – and us with her, how can we not follow her – with the secret cults, in places lit by torches, where frenzied Bacchus may be present, o divine Goddess, and Queen?

        AND, pls tell Cheri not to call me scholar. It’s stuffy. Even joker, or comedian, are better.

        Capito mea dea?

  2. Sisyphus says:

    Oh Demeter,
    Sisyphus here. How I long to be restless rather than weary. Some slow roasted lamb, spanikopita, and ouzo or raki on any terms would be nice. Oh crap, here comes that f&$@en boulder again!

  3. Cheri says:

    Oh poor Sisyphus.

    My brother’s wrath is far-reaching, from the Heavens to Hades.

    Your honesty, as the King of Corinth, got you into a heap of trouble in a dark place with a big stubborn willful rock…aka…a boulder.

    Thanks for the tip about yummy Greek food, but remember, I only drink Ambrosia.

    Demeter (baby)

  4. I sincerely hope Eros will also accompany you and the Judge.

  5. Hi Demeter! I was wondering–is Hermes your webmaster or is he still relying on the boots and helmet?

  6. I make a cold soup with melons, berries, champagne and ice chips. I make another kind of chilled soup from Ukraine called Ohkrosh (Eng. sp?). I will remember to serve them if the Gods come calling in summertime.

  7. Cyberquill says:

    And other things I will discuss later on this week, like law and order.

    Oh, good. I hear it’s been cancelled. A Facebook Petition has been launched to save the show.

    I’m debating whether I should join, for I’ve never watched an entire episode, so I don’t know what exactly I’d be helping to save here.

    Looking forward to your discussion, although it’s late Saturday already, so I’m not sure how much “later on this week” it can get.

    • Cheri says:

      Good point. The week is almost over. A new week begins tomorrow.

      I have never watched law and order. Never. That speaks to either my age or my leisure.

      Perhaps because I am married to a person who has always been about order and law, the show would seem redundant.

  8. Man of Roma says:

    For you Hyperboreans the week starts on Sunday? Weird. For us Romans, on Monday.

  9. andreaskluth says:

    If you’re visiting Cheri now, in springtime, you must also have Persephone with you. That ought to be fun.

    I love your sister Hestia. So warm and caring. Hera is a bitch, admittedly, though I don’t recall Dido falling foul of her. That was the fault of your half-sister Aphrodite, I recall. Which reminds me: Do you have her email address? You know, I just want to see how she’s doing.

    One more thing: Did they really name “cereal” after you?

    • Cheri says:

      Dear Andreas,

      Why, dear, yes! Not only the word “cereal” was named after my Roman moniker, but also the city in California called Ceres, right out there in the Big Valley. I see that you work for a magazine. Perhaps a mythological look at California might be cool.

      And thank you for your gentle correction of Cheri’s error. ( I didn’t want to tell her that Carthage was Hera’s city…)

      I left Persephone back home to watch over the symbolic harvest going on in Athens. Besides, Hermes is much more fun to travel with (plus he’s kinda cute and I’m exploring Carl Jung’s concept of the animus).

      Because Cheri is older (you know what I mean), this trip is taking on epic proportions for her. Everything is a big deal.

      I feel for her. More later, you little cutie.

  10. steve block says:

    To all of Cheri’s friends,

    First of all, I am always in control of things, so Cheri may purport to grant her proxy to these Greek Folks while she is away, but they have to run everything by me.

    Second, as long as food is involved in this thread, I would lament that the Greeks will never, I mean never, produce the quality and romance in food best expressed by the phrase “la mama ha fato ‘il gnocchi”, perhaps in Sienna with a good Brunello.

    That having been said, grape leaves wrapped lamb testicles put on the ‘ol BBQ are pretty tasty. I guess we will wait for Cheri’s experience in Greece when she and the Man of Roma can compare notes and make a judgment.

    Man of Twelve Tables

  11. Cheri says:

    Siena has one “n”.

    Ready to board!

  12. ines mangiola says:

    I better read up on Greek mythology before making any comments!

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