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Montaigne, Descartes, and Purple Fruit

by cheri block This morning the West Wind, Zephyr, blew from the Pacific Ocean up our mountain side with ferocity. Since I find solace and energy in the wind, I ventured out into the rain and up the road, the … Continue reading

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A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit (Emma Squire)

by cheri block Chapter One Emma Ann Squire 1996 Twelve sisters came together last summer in Nova Scotia to put Momma under, visit Daddy’s grave nearby, and select their keepsakes. There they sat in a different colored chair, each sister … Continue reading

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The Glorious Central Coast

by cheri block I blame my father Hugh for my inability to nap. Keep your eyes open or you might miss something! I am on a short two-day spring break from school, so why not take a drive with the … Continue reading

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by cheri block So I went in to see my doctor on Friday to learn if my Spartan food choices during the last several months have improved my high cholesterol. By chance, I ran into Judge Blah in the doctor’s … Continue reading

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A 14th Century Heroine: Alisoun of Bath

by cheri block After spending three weeks with Alisoun of Bath (and indirectly with her marvelous creator, Geoffrey Chaucer) I have a new heroine: the Wife of Bath of The Canterbury Tales. I love her. I love Chaucer too, for … Continue reading

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Send in a clown

by cheri block My pilgrimage to Joe’s house yesterday was not without worry. He’d changed our lunch venue back to his home, a two-story house in a neighborhood north with twelve cement steps leading up to a locked door. His … Continue reading

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