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Joe’s Amazing Grandfather…

by cheri block Interesting, Baby (not the waitress). Did I ever tell you the story of the time my grandfather Joe from the old country left me three tumulos in his last will and testament? I don’t remember that one, … Continue reading

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The Great Geat

by cheri block The Nordic stars aligned yesterday in a series of random conversations that related to my current preoccupation with King Beowulf. First, I ran into my very charming 40 year-old Australian neighbor, Jason, who was driving down the … Continue reading

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Beowulf’s Dragon

by cheri block I never played with dolls. I played with stuffed animals, setting up scenarios about everything from arctic sea expeditions where the polar bear eats the hunter, to circuses where the elephants, tigers, and lions talk back to … Continue reading

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The Sins of the Flesh

by cheri block The word confession is an attractive one to nosey journalists, betrayed wives, and Catholic priests. The Confessions of St. Augustine, written in the late 4th Century C.E., is the first autobiography. In thirteen chapters, Augustine tells his … Continue reading

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Matrix at the Mall

by cheri block Myrtle is the loose woman who eyes rich Tom Buchanan on the commuter train from Long Island to New York City. He oozes money. She, wife of a garage mechanic with grease under his fingernails, sees the … Continue reading

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