Frost to the max

We have snow on our lawn, still sticking from yesterday’s arctic blast.

The frog is blue; the succulents, red and frozen.

The last rose of the season opened her petals before she heard the weather forecast.

Out in the meadow, the walnut trees shrugged and said, “This is nuts.”

Then, Judge Blah tried to drive to his physical therapy appointment but couldn’t get out.

The day began and ended in black and white.

So much for sunny California.

About Cheri

Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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12 Responses to Frost to the max

  1. kkuukka says:

    Professional opinion: Nice, Cheri. And above 60th lat. here in Finland, we don’t have any snow. Go figure…

  2. Cheri says:

    Do you have a subscribe button on your blog?
    Your photography is stunning, in every way. The photo of the fire and sun and smoke of the parliament building is arresting.

    Your photo of the pole vaulter in training is amazing.

    I see you are a teacher. Ahhh….if only Finland were not so far away.

    I am shooting with a Canon EOS Rebel XS. This holiday season I want to buy a new lens, one that can get a close up, as you did of the hawk.

    Any recommendations?

    and THANKS for the compliment. I am just an amateur (in everything)

  3. Richard Manchester says:

    Exquisite imagery, literary and visual, from a day-to-day perspective. As is usual from you, there is a hidden intensity. The generosity of a natural teacher is always apparent in everything you write.

    • Cheri says:

      You are too kind.
      And Judge Blah would agree with the part about hidden intensity.

      He’d like me to tone it down, please.

    • Tough Old Boot says:

      ………… ……………………. …….

      • Foreign Toe says:

        [distraught] RM’s dead. There he goes! He’s in a blue jump suit. He’s made off in that sled. Who left the gates open? Where’s Snout?

        He was a dreadful man, but he didn’t deserve this.

        What really worries me is that the killer, if he is caught, will be tried under the adversarial system. Is it to be Judge Blah or AK?

  4. andreaskluth says:

    Your garden is Elysian.

    Why not sled to physical therapy? If Judge Blah gets injured on the way, he’s already where he needs to be.

  5. Foreign Toe says:

    RM never appreciated his Angel in England. I’ve slept with her for forty years. God help us if he’d ever found out. He was wildly possessive.

  6. Great pictures–they remind me of what I don’t miss about the northern hemisphere, but it didn’t look so good when I was there!

  7. Angel in England says:

    [In US] I’ll take him. TOB and FT are pining. They’re not half the man. I’ll begin the process of integration. Judging by the next post, civilisation is in the finest hands here. I was worried, but not now. [Flies back to England with RM]

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