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Asian Fusion

    by cheri block sabraw Funny people are hard to come by. With over 5000 former students in my mental Rolodex, only three types of kids come to mind: brilliant ones, defiant ones, and funny ones. One of the … Continue reading

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A Cup of Li

by cheri block sabraw Joe and I got together last week to discuss the Analects of Confucius. Our conversation took a detour when a sinewy male waiter approached our cramped table, under which Joe’s sore knee waited in an angle … Continue reading

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The Boy Zola

by cheri block sabraw One of the best examples of American Naturalism is Frank Norris’ The Octopus: A California Story. This  600-page book  examines the 1880’s conflict between the Southern Pacific Railroad (in its own Manifest Destiny) and the wheat-growing … Continue reading

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Dido, Queen of the Ancient Meltdown

by cheri block The ancient poet Virgil, commissioned by his patron, Roman Emperor Augustus, to write an epic poem that would commemorate the founding of Rome, died before he finished his massive text, a work we know as The Aeneid. … Continue reading

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Good Bye Dexter

This post tonight is the first one written on my spanking new MacBookPro. He doesn’t have a name yet, but I am open to suggestions. I am happy to own this amazing computer with the latest gadgets and sheen, but … Continue reading

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Coffee at the Palace

  Plato’s The Republic is a dynamic work of deductive philosophy. The Republic is lofty and challenging. In his dialectic, Plato lets the us know from the start what he intends to investigate and then proceeds, through a series of … Continue reading

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