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A Cup of Creon

by cheri block sabraw Joe and I had coffee last Monday to discuss Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripides, three Greek tragedians. Our usual booth was taken. Our usual server was busy. Joe wasn’t pleased. Hell, we’ll take that booth over there, … Continue reading

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“You’re our own folks,” Huston said sadly. *

by cheri block sabraw   We all get busy. And sometimes, we are so intent on our mission, we forget how sensitive other people can be. A woman who came into my business last week reminded me of this in … Continue reading

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First Hamster Point of View: Infancy

by cheri block sabraw Four  infants we were, squirming with life and looking like furry little jellybeans arranged neatly in a teeny nest. Relieved of the crushing pressure of the birth canal, I had whizzed down the chute in a … Continue reading

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Hamartia and Sophrosyne

by cheri block sabraw The Greek word sophrosyne was summarized in brief by the Oracle at Delphi in several succinct aphorisms:  Nothing in Excess and Know Thyself. In other words, with moderation of all that pulls us away from the … Continue reading

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The Total Worlders

I’ve lived long enough to know that the Gods have a sense of humor, thank God. The Gods who have been spending time in my company these past several weeks are busy and swift, sentimental and gentle. Not Greek or … Continue reading

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Arjuna and the Swami

by cheri block sabraw Our lives away from our work are quiet here at the Rancho. We like it that way. Few people and few distractions to spoil a lovely passing thought. An old fence, put up in the 1940’s … Continue reading

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From Cleopatra to Shirley Temple

by cheri block sabraw The Epic of Gilgamesh offers the modern reader a vivid slide show. The first pictures of life in ancient Mesopotamia, replete with powerful gods and goddesses, set the scene for us viewers. As I wrote, we … Continue reading

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