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First Hamster Point of View: My birth

by cheri block My birth was a big relief, not only to my overstuffed mother DeDe, but to me, as well. In utero I had felt crowded and thus, irritable, sharing a watery sack with four other active siblings. In … Continue reading

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Air freshener, please?

by cheri block sabraw Hello Girls. [Startled young bodies crow-hop to the left] Alicia runs into a stall. The toilet flushes. The latch clicks. She feels safe for a minute. Cigarette smoke fills the space. Nat and Georgia copy their … Continue reading

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And the Emmy goes to: the Sumerian scribes

by cheri block sabraw I understand the Emmy Awards were doled out last night. Since my interest in anything Hollywood is akin to my interest in mortuary science, I have no idea who won what. One thing is for sure: … Continue reading

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Another cup of Joe

by cheri block sabraw Joe and I met at our usual time and location (11:30am at the Elephant Bar) last week to catch up on our summers. Approaching 80 years of vigorous living, Joe’s knee and hip need some oil. … Continue reading

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by cheri block sabraw In my junior year of college, I snagged the part of a sorceress in the annual Band Frolic Follies. Dressed in black and topped with a pointy velvet hat on which glittery moons shone, I played … Continue reading

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Charlotte was on to something (amended)

by cheri block sabraw with thanks to Brighid for her comment One of my best students that year, Mark, received some very bad news one weekend, the type of news that forces deep introspection about everything one believes. His younger … Continue reading

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by cheri block sabraw In the days before 1995, in order to read literary criticism,  students had to go to the library, use the Dewey Decimal System, and browse the stacks with heads clicked to the right, ear to shoulder. … Continue reading

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