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Marilyn and Rosie: two special gals

With amusement (and some financial speculation), I am following the story of a woman, Elsie Poncher, who is selling her husband’s crypt above Marilyn Monroe’s on eBay. She wants to pay off her mortgage in Beverly Hills, a practical goal, … Continue reading

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Alexis de Tocqueville and School Choice

by cheri block sabraw In 2000, several years after I opened my school a fellow from a think thank in Washington D.C. called my office and asked to visit when he was in the Bay Area. He did. Shortly after, … Continue reading

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Gilgamesh and Bill

by cheri block sabraw Life has a way of delivering messages to us if only we will listen, and not talk, blowing our wind for all to hear. Events, thoughts, people intersect our lives in perfect timing if only we … Continue reading

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Gone with the tail, Ruby Begonia!

by cheri block sabraw Since I live in the country, my entire garden thrives on a thin-railed deck, secure from the greatest nocturnal poachers: deer. Side by side sit tomato plants and roses, taking in the day’s warmth, free from … Continue reading

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Let’s get personal.

by cheri block sabraw Good Evening. Hey. My name is Mrs. Sabraw. We are going to be working together during the next three months to improve your writing. Silence. How many of you like to write? Two hands out of … Continue reading

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