Preface to the Preface


by cheri block sabraw

We drove up to Santa Fe yesterday from Albuquerque. The high desert New Mexican sky greeted us like a proud docent, showing off her finest cumulus clouds. The clouds here are magnificent atmospheric sculptures and cause me to wonder more than I usually do.

We are here to study Nietzsche’s The Genealogy of Morality and as I confessed, I am behind in my homework. But that’s OK. Some of us do our best thinking and work under pressure and deadlines. I am one of those people.

You will understand that we who procrastinate find some internal stimulation by compressing our assignments, whatever they may be, into an intense and exhilarating effort to finish—as if we had tied a red scarf around our necks and were just running ahead of the bulls by an inch in Pamplona.

So instead of sequestering ourselves in our hotel room and reading our homework, we went out for a drink before having dinner at Pasqual’s. There in the cool alleyway that leads into El Milagro Restaurant, we took a small table. In his customary attempt to win my favor early in the week, Judge Blah ordered guacamole that was made in front of us and brought me a glass of chilled chardonnay. There we were. Feasting on chips, dipped in a bowl of the best guacamole ever.

Three good-looking thirty-somethings walked by our table and commented on the guacamole. I invited them to join us and have some.

Hey, I have the kibbutz mentality when it comes to food. I like to share. Come on. Big deal. We’re having dinner at the community table at Pasqual’s. Come on, try this dip. Elizabeth, the manager here, put 12 other ingredients in the avocado. It’s amazing stuff.

He said that he, too, had the kibbutz mentality. He was playful and smart.

A husband and wife, I’m guessing, and his sister they were. Attractive. Spontaneous. We began our usual inquires.

Where are you from?

I live and work in Albuquerque. These are my friends who have come to visit.

Her friends were a brother and sister. She lives in New Jersey. He, in Orange County.

What are you doing here in Santa Fe? He asked.

We told them. St. John’s College. Nietzsche. Our friends, Kurt and Heather.

Chips cracked in half with the weight of this amazing guacamole. They thanked us and left.

The waiter brought the bill.
Do you know who those people are?


That was Jason Biggs and his wife and sister.

Jason who?

Jason Biggs, the star of the film American Pie. You remember the masturbation scene, right?

We didn’t know the movie or the scene, but as we walked to Pasqual’s, we remarked how refreshing that short time must have been to go unrecognized and just share some food.

I must get to the Preface of the Genealogy…

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Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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