The Nerdy 8th Grade Girl (1)

The Nerdy 8th Grade Girl sorta liked John the best because her birthday was the same as his.

The Nerdy 8th Grade Girl sorta liked John the best because her birthday was the same as his.

Today I begin my summer grammar course for middle school students. At 4:00 this afternoon, ten kids whose parents have forced them to attend my class and who were hoping that summer might provide a much needed respite from boring school work, will walk into my room and face a 58 year old woman who will try her damnedest to make grammar fun. They will be trapped with me for 1.5 hours (and I with them).

The only way to teach anything is by hooking their little sick minds in with stories. I am known for my stories all the way to Beijing.

Here is the first handout they will receive before we launch into a lesson on the importance of prepositions.

The Nerdy 8th Grade Girl


Once upon a time, a nerdy 8th grade girl was spurned by the popular clique, a group of overly developed females who wore scrunchies to tie up their blond ponytails and who spent lunchtimes deciding which Beatle—Paul, John, George, or Ringo—they loved the most.

These gossipy girls shaved their legs, curled their hair, and  carried purses with lipstick, photographs, and transistor radios (which were banned at the time). The leader of the gossipy girls was Kathy and she was a looker. Boys drooled all over their desks when she walked up to the blackboard to diagram sentences.

She was also a kiss up and  Mrs. Poier’s pet. Her blue eyes and blond hair and that stupid scrunchy annoyed the nerdy 8th grade girl. The 8th grade girl hated Kathy’s guts and hated her scrunchy and hated her blond hair and hated her purse and hated her lipstick and wanted her hidden transistor radio. She hated everything about her (but her transistor radio).

How could that nerdy 8th grade girl get those dumb boys to notice her?

She would become a grammar whiz. She would help them cheat on their homework.

She would memorize all 53 of the most used prepositions in the English language.

Now, if only her plan would work.

Will it??

I will let you know how the story went over, up, down, around, out, and through…

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11 Responses to The Nerdy 8th Grade Girl (1)

  1. Davis says:

    I don’t envy your assignment. Thanks for the Beatles pix by the way

  2. andreaskluth says:

    This is pedagogic manipulation right through which your students will look and up with which they will not put.

  3. Chourou says:

    Hi,Cheri! I’m back.
    Well,English preposition seems to be tough to master for a non-naitive speakerlike me. those are somthing that don’t exist in the world of Japanese language.

    As reading your posting, I imagined how the leader of the gossipy girls would be looking hot. But I would say, I would have liked the nerdy girl much better bucause she’d desperately envy the looky girl, probably struggling to get the boys noticed her. Funny but so cute. 🙂

    Anyway, the last sentence you put is awesome, as usual! I appriciated it. ThanX for sharing.

  4. Cheri says:

    Welcome back, Chourou. I’ve missed you.

    Speaking as that 8th grade nerdy girl, I can tell you Kathy was hotter than a chile pepper.

    But I had tricks up my sleeve, so stay tuned.

    My colleagues at work this morning read my story and since they are all in their 20’s/30’s,40’s (and thus cool), reminded me that my students will not know who the Beatles were or what a transistor radio was. Kevin, our math teacher, suggested I change the group to the Jonas Brothers and the radio to an iPod. Jonas who?

    Davis: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for reading.

    Andreas: It’s all about pedagogical manipulation. Good teaching, that is.

  5. Chourou says:

    Precisely,Cheri. When Jhon was assasinated, I was 15. The impact was incredible also here in Tokyo. Then transistor radios were going to be out of sight but I had still have one or two, if my memory serves collectly. Yeah, I’d say it’s history.
    BTW,Jonas,who? (LoL)

    • Cheri says:

      No idea who Jonas Brothers are. I long ago gave up trying to stay current with the kids’ music idols. Staying current with their jargon is my game.

      Yes. John Lennon’s assassination at the Dakota Hotel by Central Park in NYC…

  6. Mr. Crotchety says:

    Anywhere a cat can go.

    I think the Missus had her students make a board game with prepositions (imagine a troll under the bridge). If I see her some time, I’ll ask.

    • Cheri says:

      Please do. I used to use anywhere a cat can go, but an annoying little girl asked me if a cat can go concerning, during, and except, so I gave that one up.

      Now I think of words that help direct nouns and pronouns and phrases in areas of time and space.

      Think before, after, since regarding time and above, by, and under for space.

    • Cheri says:

      If I see Judge Blah sometime, I all ask him too.

      I do see him; he’s just preoccupied.

  7. steve says:

    Sorry, but my only response is to point out that I was totally in love with Becky Poier, Mrs. Poier’s daughter, at Glenmoor Elementary School and am shocked to look back knowing that you didn’t put in a good word for me. Ahh, the memories.

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