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Whom, Whom

A parliament of Great Horned Owls lives in the trees by my bedroom door. Deep into the dark, while the busyness of day suspends itself in an obedient nap, the owls begin their monosyllabic songs. Hoot, hoot, they call, in … Continue reading

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And to you, Class of 2009…

Today I attended my son’s graduation from business school. The speaker was a well known district attorney. She is a stylish woman, and as a way of making a fashion statement, since she had a green graduation robe covering her … Continue reading

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The Only Place Success Comes before Work is in the Dictionary

My first vivid childhood memories took place in what the famous American poet T.S. Eliot would have called, The Wasteland. That barren tundra, teeming with lizards, snakes, and scorpions, is New Mexico, more specifically, White Sands Proving Ground in Las … Continue reading

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Exercise in description (3) Soaptree Yucca

This is the third of three posts that concern the story I am writing for my book. If you want to follow it, go back and read Murder at the Monument (1) and (2). Thanks! In the late spring, the … Continue reading

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Why did the turtle cross the road?

Andreas Kluth, soon-to-be-published author and a writer for The Economist magazine, is rereading Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath now that his beat is the State of California and the state of California. He got me thinking again about the novel … Continue reading

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Murder at the Monument (2) Ellen Stern

His wife, Ellie, had packed that lunch the night before, as she grudgingly had done for the five years her husband had worked for the government. The dryness of their New Mexican environment—their home, their workplaces, their relationship—had begun to … Continue reading

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Pepcid AC please or Nada

I had a miserable experience this week. And because I am a passionate person, the experience still sits in my gut as sour as curdled milk. In short, I visited a  classroom at one of the top public high schools … Continue reading

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Return of The Blob

Last month on the big island of Hawaii, Japanese astronomers, lead by a Dr. Ouchi, discovered a blob, as they called it. The measurements attached to this blob can only be understood by physicists and certain poets, but suffice to … Continue reading

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Death of a Teacher

Harry Kalas, the venerable announcer for the Philadelphia Phillies for over 40 years, died last month. He died the Death of a Broadcaster, in his booth, preparing to call the game. Mr. Kalas left this place in a squeeze play—his … Continue reading

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