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Ethel Barrymore and The Divine Comedy

The wallet bulged with the usual stuff: receipts, photos, credit cards and Lira. I sat in our car, waiting for Judge Blah to return the wallet and file our police report. The parking lot was vacant except for a few … Continue reading

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Irony and Amour-Propre

The thieves took our money and his watch and then tossed it away. Judge Blah’s backpack, bloated with the brown water of the Arno, sunk to the river’s floor, and there joined billfolds, fanny-packs, and other stolen things. Our driving … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry. I Don’t Approve.

I read a book several months ago written by poet Lucy Grealy entitled The Autobiography of a Face. The story is sad, especially for those of us who are parents and want only the best for our kids. Raised in … Continue reading

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How Do you Do, Camus?

Like many writers, I spend a great deal of my time reading. And although a well-written novel with characters so vivid and content so rich ranks right up there with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a crab cake, … Continue reading

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2nd Person Reverie

Jack, baseball slugger for the San Francisco Giants, what is the secret to your hefty earned run average? Well, you know, you know when you go into the batting cage, and you practice hitting for two, say three hours a … Continue reading

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