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Bluey, Bluey

by cheri block sabraw August 7, 2015 Note: To all of you around the country and the world who have accessed my blog to read about Art Finley (Arthur Fingers) in light of his death on Friday, August 7, 2015, … Continue reading

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Sharing the Road

Men are not the keepers of herds; herds are the keepers of men. Henry David Thoreau My students and I spent time evaluating Mr. Thoreau’s quotation about simplicity. We discussed the literal meaning, too. And I shared my own story … Continue reading

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I’ve Got the Whole Wide World, In My Hands….

Circa 1979 OK Yogini, you take the Vietnamese students and practice their pronunciation with them. And you, Maria, you go to the other corner with the Afghani students and do the same. I will work with the other kids from … Continue reading

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Thank you Mr. Morris

Mervyn’s Department Store closed all of its 150 remaining locations last month. Unable to compete with the likes of Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s and other deep discounters, Mervyn’s, founded by stock boy turned entrepreneur, Mervin Morris, advertised its final sale. I … Continue reading

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My Kid Likes Your Kid

My kid likes your kid. No, this isn’t a dialogue at the sandbox between two new moms. Dr. Eric Berne served up his psychological ideas in the 1950’s by subdividing our “selves” into three states: parent, adult, and child. One … Continue reading

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