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Expect Good

Is this photograph, taken Sunday in the Sonoran Desert, about the sky or the clouds? Or could it be, perhaps, about the blackened mountain ridge with Saguaro Cacti perched on its edge? Applying his famous inkblot test, Dr. Rorschach would … Continue reading

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Part Two: When Atlas Shrugged

We settled into our new cramped life that fall, our 5th Wheel Trailer surrounded by old sycamore, locust, and oak trees. At night, we would wedge open the vent, a vent masquerading as a window, to listen to the rustle … Continue reading

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Part One: The Knucklehead

Despite F.Scott Fitzgerald’s descriptions of magnificent mansions in The Great Gatsby, such estates, with their lavish drawing rooms, libraries, multiple fireplaces and twenty bathrooms are simply—overrated. I know. I lived in a 5th Wheel Trailer for a year, with my … Continue reading

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An Old World Dance (in third person)

Greta flexed her short thighs, holding an enormous and heavy hoof between them. A silver horseshoe, worn but nailed, reflected the intensity on her face. Using a pick, and hoisting that hoof up higher, for her balance and his comfort, … Continue reading

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Setting the Scene or Seeing the Setting

When I was eight, wandering around an old abandoned vineyard, I had one goal in mind: to capture an alligator lizard, alive. To do this, like an inventive Cave Girl, I fashioned a primitive tool, a slender lasso made from … Continue reading

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A Laundry List of Accolades

Jeremy is hoping for undergraduate admission to the University of California. He had until yesterday, November 30, to complete his tidy application, accompanied by Mom’s credit card number, an insightful essay of 1000 words or fewer, a sterling academic record, … Continue reading

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