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by cheri block So I went in to see my doctor on Friday to learn if my Spartan food choices during the last several months have improved my high cholesterol. By chance, I ran into Judge Blah in the doctor’s … Continue reading

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Send in a clown

by cheri block My pilgrimage to Joe’s house yesterday was not without worry. He’d changed our lunch venue back to his home, a two-story house in a neighborhood north with twelve cement steps leading up to a locked door. His … Continue reading

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Prologue to the Wife of Blah

by cheri block Joe and I met Tuesday for lunch at a different restaurant, one close to Joe’s doctor’s office. It was good to back in our routine, slinging around literary opinions loud enough for others to hear. Joe has … Continue reading

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Joe’s Amazing Grandfather…

by cheri block Interesting, Baby (not the waitress). Did I ever tell you the story of the time my grandfather Joe from the old country left me three tumulos in his last will and testament? I don’t remember that one, … Continue reading

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Mr. Griswold’s Eulogy

Mr. Keane looks like Gordon Lindsey, I told my dad in 1961. Gordon Lindsey was the owner of the local mortuary, the one we kids tip-toed  by on our way to school. Mr. Lindsey grew red roses and calla lilies … Continue reading

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A Concert for the Children

by cheri block sabraw Saturday, Judge Blah and I took our grandson and our niece to the San Francisco Symphony’s holiday presentation of Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev. As you might guess, the energy in the symphony hall … Continue reading

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Asian Fusion

    by cheri block sabraw Funny people are hard to come by. With over 5000 former students in my mental Rolodex, only three types of kids come to mind: brilliant ones, defiant ones, and funny ones. One of the … Continue reading

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Air freshener, please?

by cheri block sabraw Hello Girls. [Startled young bodies crow-hop to the left] Alicia runs into a stall. The toilet flushes. The latch clicks. She feels safe for a minute. Cigarette smoke fills the space. Nat and Georgia copy their … Continue reading

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Thunder, Thunder…Thunderation

by cheri block sabraw Maybe because Judge Blah’s job gathers so many unhappy people together in a legal centrifuge, whirls them around with the spectre of a bad trial outcome, and flattens them in conference rooms, wrung out and raw…maybe … Continue reading

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Marilyn and Rosie: two special gals

With amusement (and some financial speculation), I am following the story of a woman, Elsie Poncher, who is selling her husband’s crypt above Marilyn Monroe’s on eBay. She wants to pay off her mortgage in Beverly Hills, a practical goal, … Continue reading

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